Being There, Wherever You Are

Life is a “force” that doesn’t tend to factor in your romantic engagements. Ironically, your love life is what makes it possible for humanity to continue. But the force behind that reality doesn’t care. Your lady may have an important birthday coming, and your job may have an important merger coming, and for the sake of your lady and finances, you might have to be absent.

It’s a common thing. Even new relationships must contend with this reality. You go home for Christmas over a few weeks, meet the perfect girl, you’re head-over-heels for her, but by Valentine’s day you’ve got to go back on the road for work over the course of a month or so. But it’s a new relationship! It’s absolutely integral you do something for Valentine’s Day.

The Reality of Long-Distance Relationships, and Getting Around It

What’s the option when you’re in L.A., and she’s in Miami? Well, you might look into a surprise bouquet delivery. You can have a huge bouquet delivered right to her place of work. Say she’s some intern on a tech campus. What if you ordered a $200 bouquet (including tip and delivery) sent right to her cubicle?

One, she’s going to be absolutely delighted. Two, the whole office will be watching. Three, she’ll remember it. Four, you’ve got a card that you can include with a personalized message that may even play “coy” a little bit. She’ll know they’re from you, but if you don’t “own up to it” directly in the card, that increases the mystique a little, which is more fun for her.

Five, when you get back, and she’s put two and two together, she’ll feel compelled to show appreciation for the gesture. The only way this is a problem is if you’re dating an extremely shy woman who cannot stand any sort of social interaction in public. Such ladies exist, they’re rare, and in that scenario, you could just send the bouquet to her home.

Taking Some Logistical Realities Into Consideration

If you’re sending flowers to the home of a loved one, it is important to know their regular schedule and the environment where they are. If she’s in North Dakota in the middle of February, and you order flower delivery in the middle of the day, she might come home to some rose-shaped popsicles in a bunch.

Rather, you want to know what her schedule is, what flowers she likes, where she’ll be on a special day, and when is best to send the flowers. That’s the three “w’s”, the “what”, “where”, and “when”. Add in a fourth “w”, the “wow” factor.

Keeping A Long-Distance Relationship, Hot, Alive and Flourishing

If you’re in a relationship that’s persistently long-distance, moves like this are absolutely fundamental. Again, life is hard even if you know what you’re doing, and so are relationships. Until you and her move in together, you’ve got to find gestures that are big and which can be made regardless of where you happen to be. Sending flowers remotely is a great move.